• Honored: Top Ten Leading Experts on Travel Worldwide…..  I love sharing my travels on social media as I travel around the world.  But I am always amazed how many people are tuning in. Thank you. And thank you again!  It’s been loads of fun sharing with you and learning from you all.  Packing for London and Russia now.   I was recently honored to […]
  • Can Social Media “Sell” Travel? Thank you Travel Weekly for asking.   Here is the original link to my interview with Travel Weekly.   Travel Industry Survey 2015 Photo Credit: Illustration by TandaV/Shutterstock Travel Weekly’s Travel Industry Survey 2015 Social life Travel professionals use several methods of marketing — the Travel Industry Survey tracks the relative use of a dozen […]
  • Holidays at the White House: A Walk through the East Wing Holidays in Washington, DC are wonderful.  It is home for me and there are so many festivities.  My favorite by far, was the chance to visit the White House this year and enjoy the very creative holiday decorations.   As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Bloggers Team (VZWBuzz) , I always travel with at […]
  • Tweeting and Travel: Lessons From the Road What have I learned during my second year of sharing my travels on social media?     The good, the bad and the….wonderful. My first article: A Year of Tweeting and Travel: A Beginner’s Perspective can  be found here. Many of the lessons I learned that first year are still true today but in the rapidly changing […]
  • Around the World By Private Jet : Travel and Tech Traveling around the world in 24 days can be a little hectic.  Doing it by private jet less so.  And doing it under the high touch guidance of the best in the private jet industry, TCS Expeditions, is positively serene.   I have just completed an amazing expedition with TCS staying at all Four Seasons […]
  • How to Use Your Smartphone when Traveling Abroad The most frequent question from new international travelers is can I use my smartphone abroad?  Most have heard horror stories of travelers returning home to exorbitant phone bills from roaming charges.  So what is one to do when we want to travel with our own devices? I travel with several, at least 2 smartphones, a […]
  • The Best Travel Tech Tools -Returning to Windows As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger, I receive devices to test. The agreement is I will use them, as my primary devices, and review them. This means prying my iphone from my hand and learning new systems. When I need to do this in the middle of my constant travel schedule, and still post on all […]
  • Looking at the 17th Century at the National Gallery of Art (Through the lens of new Nokia Icon Camera) Ever the tourist, a free hour in my day means a trip to the National Mall when I am at home. The National Gallery of Art is one of my favorite spots for inspiration, serenity and learning something new. Their mobile app for touring is one of the best in the museum world. You can […]
  • Game Changers for Social Media in Travel for 2014? Recently Ann Tran, Forbes Top Social Influencer for 2013, asked several of her colleagues to answer the question:  What will be the Game Changers for Social Media for 2014?”   My focus is social media in travel for brands, suppliers and travelers.   My small excerpt from her excellent article is below. You can find the full […]
  • Motorola Droid Ultra and Virginia Wine Preface this post by saying I need a Personal Assistant—I really need one as my life is now far too complicated for me to get it all right.  So when Verizon sent me the new Motorola Droid Ultra with “Google Now” or the voice activated personal assistant I was thrilled. I packed it up for […]

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