• A #Journeymaker in Russia:  Beyond Postcard Travel Thanks to a seventeen year career in travel at the Smithsonian Institution and a lifetime of personal travel, I have visited almost every country, or former country, over the past 35 years. From the Arctic, Amazon and Antarctic to Easter Island, Fiji, Vladivostok and Beijing, north to south, east to west, I have circled the […]
  • Dear Tor, A Letter to Tor Hagen, Chairman and CEO Viking Cruise Lines Dear Tor, On the eve of the christening of your first ocean going ship, Viking Star, I hope you won’t mind my sharing a personal note with a few readers. Our past goes back many years and has had it’s ups and downs. I was kindly invited to the Amsterdam ceremony in March 2013 where […]
  • Holidays at the White House: A Walk through the East Wing Holidays in Washington, DC are wonderful.  It is home for me and there are so many festivities.  My favorite by far, was the chance to visit the White House this year and enjoy the very creative holiday decorations.   As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Bloggers Team (VZWBuzz) , I always travel with at […]
  • Beijing: Polluted? Yes. Time to Return? Absolutely! Since 1600 BC,  China’s economy has moved in economic cycles of 300 years.   Many claim they are now in the 40th year of the upward swing.   They think in longer terms than the west, so watch out. The pollution may be vicious, but the creativity and energy is inescapable.  Beijing was the second stop […]
  • Introducing Jean’s Featured Expeditions I am thrilled to now offer an even more interactive way to join me on these exciting expeditions. You’ll be able to easily navigate through my blog posts, photos and more details associated with each adventure by visiting http://www.jeannewmanglock.com/featured-expeditions. You can be sure that my opinions and findings are all my own and always… unedited. […]
  • Around the World by Private Jet: Leaving August 30 Join me! Check out what I am looking forward to on this amazing trip with TCS Expeditions!  “Meet Private Jet Jean”   Interview with TCS Expeditions.
  • Loving Boar’s Head Inn and Presidential Homes in Charlottesville Travel near home for a peripatetic traveler like me is always welcome.  And I live in Virginia, a state with the most phenomenal sites, history, food and wine.  It is inexcusable that I have not been to the more of my state, so my 2014 resolution is to rectify that.  My first trip has convinced […]
  • Summer 2014 Travels Around the World Join me! Travel Schedule Summer of 2014: Follow along on this blog as I prepare for and explore these extraordinary destinations with equally extraordinary experts. —or better yet, JOIN ME on my travels this summer: Scotland and England with Alison Weir tours “Mary Queen of Scots” Russia with Viking River Cruises “Waterways of the Tsars”  And end the summer with an […]
  • What is the ROI on Social Media? What a nice tweet to wake up to. From a new Follower (now virtual friend) from India. She says Jordan is now on her 2014 travel list after reading my tweets about Jordan with Petra National Trust. What is the ROI on Social Media? Woke up to this tweet: Prachi Joshi @DelishDirection @PNTJordan #Jordan makes it to […]
  • 10 Holiday Traditions Around the World See on Scoop.it – Luxury Travel For those of us blessed (or cursed) with incurable wanderlust, the allure of an unexplored city or destination is hard to resist. But, this time of year, what I crave is tradition and a deep-rooted sense of home. Jean Newman Glock‘s insight: I was honored to be asked to […]

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