From Virtual to Actual

The world has become adept at sharing virtual experiences, and while I am thankful that I can view the newest exhibit at the Hermitage Amsterdam, I am saturated. I pivoted, during this unprecedented (enough overused buzzwords?), world-stopping pandemic, but my pendulum is beginning to swing back to normal and I can’t stop it. I need actual, not virtual. Real hugs, real conversations face to face, and most of all real feet on the ground on distant soils and yes, ships.
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My British granddaughter at Shangri at  The Shard in London

Paris, London, and Grandchildren

Time to find my creperie in Paris, the recipes from experts online were good, but a very weak substitute. I could not smell the grass of the Tuileries, bow to Le Notre’s bust, and head to see his masterpiece at Versailles. Fortnum & Mason can mail me a hamper, but it doesn’t taste the same as it does when I take it to the Cotswolds. Historic Royal Palaces, you have been amazing, I know nooks and crannies in all your Palaces, but now I want to walk where Henry VIII strolled with at least five of his wives, preferably in the company of Alison Weir and all of her fabulous author friends.
Finally, and most importantly, Facetime with my British granddaughters and San Francisco grands, has been comforting but let’s be honest, we have lost touch….the physical kind.


The author at Hampton Court Palace

Booking now, don’t disappoint me

With new therapeutics and the vaccine on the near horizon, I am ready to make firm plans. I will wait for the current surge to end to travel, but I am ready to book (now more than ever only with my expert travel advisor) and start anticipating my next actual trips. I can only assume I am behind the curve and many more came to this conclusion ahead of me, so I hope space is available.
2021 don’t disappoint me, I love you already.
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–Photo: In the Tuileries Gardens

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