• Seven Trips To Expand Your Comfort Zone Having spent 17 years circling the globe for my job at the Smithsonian Institution, I am often asked, “Where is your favorite destination and where should I go next?” Seems like an easy question, but it isn’t. My own list of favorites has shifted dramatically as my personal travel comfort zone expanded. For your consideration, […]
  • 20 Countries, 22 Photos, One Year of Travel Circling the globe, several times last year was exciting.  Compressing my jouneys into one blog post less so.  Winter in Russia, Spring in Paris, Summer in Russia,  Around the World by Private Jet in the Fall (twice), November in Normandy, Paris and Mougins, Holidays at the White House and Christmas in London.  Whew.  I decided to […]
  • “Glories of the Hermitage” Russia in the Winter During the Gilded Age, at the turn of the last century, St. Petersburg was a must stop on every social calendar…in winter.  The social season of Russia’s imperial capital was at it’s height during January and February, when there was little sunlight.   Having spent a week in St. Petersburg, in the dead of winter, I […]
  • The Slow Cruise Movement. Are You a Slow Cruiser?  Though megaships/cities at sea have been grabbing all the headlines recently, cruises come in all sizes and shapes.   I have written about my passion for smaller ships but I need to elaborate further. My passion is for “slow cruising”.   On a slow cruise (not about speed, think slow food) the focus is on […]
  • A Few of My Favorite Ships by Debra Eliezer In my 11+ years in the travel industry I have traveled on a lot of ships. Some destinations, such as Antarctica and the Amazon, are impossible to fully experience without boarding a ship. Other places, such as Greece and the Italian coast, can be done on a land-based itinerary, but a small-ship can provide more […]

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