Circling the globe, several times last year was exciting.  Compressing my jouneys into one blog post less so.  Winter in Russia, Spring in Paris, Summer in Russia,  Around the World by Private Jet in the Fall (twice), November in Normandy, Paris and Mougins, Holidays at the White House and Christmas in London.  Whew.  I decided to let my followers on Instagram and Twitter choose the top shots to tell the story.  The photos below are the top choices according to Instagram likes and Twitter analytics.   Thanks to all and looking forward to sharing new travel and culinary adventures in the months ahead!


St. Petersburg, Russia

January was Winter in St. Petersburg “Glories of the Hermitage” with Viking River Cruises.  A magnificent behind the scenes week at the Hermitage and Romanov palaces.

 Paris in the Spring

March was Paris. Spring weather and a party that specified “Over the Top Dress.”  All made perfect by my stay at the incomparable Shangri La Paris Hotel. Truly Shangri La…..


Cruising Moscow to St. Petersburg

Summer was another adventure with Viking River Cruises. This time a journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg. A cruise through history into the present.  Such a great time sharing with my friend and colleague Ann Tran.


 Around the World by Private Jet in 24 days


And then there was a 24 day Around the World by Private Jet trip with TCS World Travel, staying at Four Seasons Hotels:


New York with Verizon

New York in November with Verizon and the fabulous team from #VZWBuzz:



And then home in Virginia for a few days of crisp fall weather:



And back to my passion…Egypt.  Meeting with HE Hisham Zaazou, Egypt’s wonderful Minister of Tourism to plan 2015 travels:


 Normandy, Paris and Mougins

In November there was a trip to Normandy and the rare chance to travel with my husband!


Stopping at Monet’s beautiful home and gardens in Giverny en route to Paris:

The White House

A holiday visit to the White House was exciting:



And then New Year’s in London with family. A new find, my new favorite hotel the marvelous Beaumont London!  And as always, a visit to Selfridges.  Cheers to a wonderful year and thanks so much for following along.  Many exciting travels to come in 2015!

4 thoughts on “20 Countries, 22 Photos, One Year of Travel

  1. Wow – what a year! Ann Tran told me how magical Russia was with you and from the pictures now I have travel-lust to go too and I never thought I would! I hope our paths cross one of these days!

  2. Peterhof looks like more than the answer to Versailles; rather, seems like the standard for imperial excess which the French kings should have followed! Versailles was a faded disappointment in March but I look forward to the chance to visit Peterhof, thanks to Jean’s extraordinary photos.

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