Viking Osiris. Photo: Viking

Egyptomania- 47 BC to 2022.

Most historians say Egyptomania began when Napoleon visited Egypt in 1798-1801. I disagree. It began when Cleopatra sailed down the Nile with Julius Caesar and every Roman wanted to visit this magical land.

In 2022 you can sail down the Nile, tour the temples, including the Temple of Philae on the island of Agilkia just as Caesar did with Cleopatra, and witness the same river scenes along the way. From Julius Caesar to travelers today, a fascination with Egypt has never abated. And today, Viking raised the standard for anyone looking to sail these waters. Viking named a new ship, Viking Osiris, the most elegant ship ever built to cruise these waters, ensuring that Egyptomania will reach new heights in the coming years.

(Viking has two ships already cruising the Nile, another Viking Aton to sail next year, and announced two more coming in 2024 and 2025.)

Egypt has always been my top destination. I have visited over 25 times, worked with their Ministers of Tourism, and even met one of the Presidents in the impressive Presidential Palace. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on Egyptian tourism, though very much a novice on Egyptology.

At the Presidential Palace, Cairo, Egypt

If you are considering a trip to Egypt, your two top considerations should be:
1. The ship you choose to sail.
2. The National Guide who will accompany you during your trip.

On both these points, Viking is now the clear choice. With their newly built ship and ships coming soon, they offer the newest and most luxurious (my word, not Viking’s) ships on the Nile, and, more importantly, they are wholly owned and managed by Viking. This is significant as almost every other ship on the Nile is only chartered for a few dates a year by a tour operator. Viking’s ownership will ensure that Viking’s high standards are always maintained. The National Guides working with Viking are some the best I have known; they are some of the world’s finest Egyptologists who know how to share their passion.

On a very poignant and apropos note, Viking chose George Herbert, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon as the godfather of the Viking Osiris. His great grandfather, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, was Howard Carter’s benefactor, enabling his digs on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor, which resulted in the world’s most significant discovery in Egypt, the tomb of King Tutankhamun. You can visit his tomb on Viking’s Nile cruises.

Well done, Viking, but I have come to expect no less. Onwards to new and exciting horizons.

Yes, I work for Viking now, but as I have said before, at this stage in my career, I would not choose to work for a company I did not think was the best in the industry. From rivers to oceans to expeditions, they have introduced a new higher standard that others work to emulate. Egypt is now one of its shining stars, which is why it is already sold out so far in advance. I am on the waitlist! I hope to see you onboard someday soon.

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