Embracing Age, Defying Labels

I can get a senior discount, sometimes.  I am a grandmother times 4.5.  I rarely admit the first, adore the second but not the preconceptions that come along with the term.  But in the interest of full disclosure, and in light of the diminishing effects of botox, I have decided to come clean and embrace my 60s.   I cannot/shouldnot pose in a bikini, I soften wrinkles in my pictures, but I can climb up to the Byzantine Monastery in Petra with more ease than many in their 30s.  I hike the sands of the western desert of Egypt with backpackers and I will continue to wander the world with the mindset of a millennial sharing it all over social media. I know there are many, many travelers just like me, either in age or mindset or both.  So follow along and pack your bags.


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New Job

I am also excited to announce that I have accepted a new position as  “Managing Director, Communications and Public Affairs” for Signature Travel Network.   Why? Because it is exactly what I have been doing for the past 25 years of my travel career. Promoting travel and the value of using expert Travel Advisors and the finest Travel Suppliers to plan my travel.  I am a travel writer. I have been to both poles, Easter Island nine times, Russia over 20 and have flown around the world by private jet on 5 itineraries.  I would never plan a trip without using a Travel Advisor and I hope that my writing will show you why.

Unbiased and Unfiltered

Those who know me know I often go “off script”.  I wear my emotions not only “on my sleeve”  but right out front for all to see. I am the definition of unfiltered.  I will continue to share only travels and tips that are exceptional.    Signature knew that about me and they still hired me. Amazing.  My tag line remains:

“Travel reviews and opinions that can’t be bought.  Always authentic, always me.”   Stay tuned here and on all social channels for the very best in travel for millennials and for those whose age and preferences defy labels.


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  1. What a fabulous artical and it speaks to those of us much older than You! My 60 yr old daughter tells me I kick her ass when we travel. At age 75, I snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef.
    Keep on travelling and writing and I am cheering you on!!!

    Sharon Copas

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