Preface this post by saying I need a Personal Assistant—I really need one as my life is now far too complicated for me to get it all right.  So when Verizon sent me the new Motorola Droid Ultra with “Google Now” or the voice activated personal assistant I was thrilled. I packed it up for my trip to France and knew I was all set to be more productive than ever……

Except,  I did not realize that the Sim card for this phone is not interchangeable with that of my previous phone so all my plans were put on hold until I could get back home to get help facilitating the switch from old to new.

Well, thanks to very patient Verizon workers, I was set up this week and became close friends with my new Motorola Droid/Assistant during a Wine Summit in Richmond, VA.  Check below for the video using Droid pictures that will also introduce you to the wonderful world of Virginia Wines!

Though still a newbie with this phone I do have some initial observations which I will hone down in a future post.  But suffice to say for now—I LOVE it and may never go back to my iphone despite traveling with an entirely MAC based tech retinue.

I love:

·       Screen Size—I can now type without as many errors, corrections, and corrections of really outrageous autocorrects. (Does your iphone always autocorrect “Parking” with “Placenta”? Mine does.)

·       Social Media—this is my life and as the platforms I use gravitate to are now almost all visual, this phone handled pictures and videos with quick downloads/sends.  Tweeting is easy on most smartphones, but once you switch to Instagram, and Instagram Videos and high resolution Pins on Pinterest, you need speed and definition. Very pleased with this

·       WordPress-easy, easy posting and editing to my blog.

·       Voice quality of calls. I must confess, I hardly ever make calls when abroad and rarely even at home, but the quality of the voice on this phone is excellent-better than my iphone without earphones.

·       Google Now is the real game changer.  I might have found a personal assistant that I can afford.  So far, this Droid understands me in a way Siri never did.  Very few corrections needed and sending texts is wonderful.  Also used it to make my many lists-now just need to follow up.   Do you think Motorola used a southerner for voice recognition?  I think so and thank them!

Not tops:

·       Camera quality.  Pictures are good, probably equal to most iphone pictures, but I will stick with my Samsung camera which is far superior—of course it was made to be a camera so perhaps the comparison is not fair.

·       While the size is great, the slim case kept slipping out of my hand and I need to buy another case for it that is sticky.

·       Battery—what can I say—I kill every battery.  This was equal to most others for me so no real downside, but I will need the extra battery to carry with me and I don’t think they make a mophie battery case for this phone—yet—hopefully soon.

More when my new Motorola Droid and I become closer friends…..


Please note:  As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger, Verizon supplies me with the devices to test but no further compensation.  I provide them, and you, with my unbiased opinions–as always! 

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