Onwards! Thank you, Viking TV and Anne Diamond, for a fun interview about travel, past, present, and future.

Thanks for watching. Here are the Cliff Notes (does that age me?)

1. Embrace the now. Everyone is asking when travel will return to normal. There never was a normal with travel, and there will not be in the future, old or new. The world is constantly changing, which is part of travel’s wonder. Don’t wait; embrace the now.

2. Don’t stress the details. Enjoy planning your trip and learning about the destinations, but leave lots of time for the unexpected, the unplanned moments. They will be your best.

3. Use a travel advisor. Use. A. Travel. Advisor.

4. Pack only carry-on. If I can do it, you can do it, and it is incredibly liberating. (And no lost luggage.

I look forward to sailing with you on Viking soon!

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