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  • Meet Private Jet Jean : Interview with TCS World Travel MEET PRIVATE JET JEAN BY NICOLLE MERRILL // TCS World Travel A CONSUMMATE TRAVEL PRO, JEAN NEWMAN GLOCK WILL JOIN US ON OUR AROUND THE WORLD EXPEDITION THIS AUGUST. The first thing that you notice when talking to Jean Newman Glock is her passion for travel. From the moment she bucked family tradition and chose college in Switzerland over […]
  • 20 Countries, 22 Photos, One Year of Travel Circling the globe, several times last year was exciting.  Compressing my jouneys into one blog post less so.  Winter in Russia, Spring in Paris, Summer in Russia,  Around the World by Private Jet in the Fall (twice), November in Normandy, Paris and Mougins, Holidays at the White House and Christmas in London.  Whew.  I decided to […]
  • Around the World by Private Jet: Three Exceptional Moments Around the World in 24 days with TCS World Travel and Four Seasons Hotels is sold as the ultimate around the world experience.    I have traveled with TCS World Travel on private jet trips before during my work with the Smithsonian and they were all wonderful.  So when invited to join this new itinerary,  I hoped I […]
  • What’s New in Russia? St. Petersburg I had the privilege of visiting Russia four times in the past year. Yes, in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, I was exploring Moscow and St. Petersburg under the expert guidance of Viking Cruises, who have vast experience in Russia. If you have visited Russia, or the USSR before, it was probably for a […]
  • Beijing: Polluted? Yes. Time to Return? Absolutely! Since 1600 BC,  China’s economy has moved in economic cycles of 300 years.   Many claim they are now in the 40th year of the upward swing.   They think in longer terms than the west, so watch out. The pollution may be vicious, but the creativity and energy is inescapable.  Beijing was the second stop […]
  • Around the World By Private Jet : Travel and Tech Traveling around the world in 24 days can be a little hectic.  Doing it by private jet less so.  And doing it under the high touch guidance of the best in the private jet industry, TCS Expeditions, is positively serene.   I have just completed an amazing expedition with TCS staying at all Four Seasons […]
  • Marrakech Snake charming, hiking in the Atlas Mountains and Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech is diverse. It is a feast for those loving indulgences, design, history and the exotic. Marrakech remains as enigmatic today as it was when the glitterati flocked there right after World War II and as alluring. During our first hour on the ground […]
  • Around the World by Private Jet: Russia On August 29, 2014, I began the ultimate journey:  Around the World by Private Jet. My host was TCS World Travel and we stayed at Four Seasons gorgeous properties around the world.  This post is about our fourth stop: Russia.   Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg Four stops into our private […]
  • Beijing: A New Look at Familiar Sites I have been to Beijing many times, so what was new to me on my TCS World Travel:  Around the World by Private Jet visit?  Superb insider access that showed me new looks at the past and exciting glimpses of the future.  Two visits stand out. The Most Exclusive Museum in the World In the company […]
  • An Unexpected Geisha Experience in Tokyo Private Jet Expeditions around the world are all about champagne and caviar and the highest of high touch service.  But the experiences they enable you to fall upon, are sometimes the most extraordinary thing you will experience. Japanese women have beautiful skin.   It is one of the first things I noticed, and it is all […]

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