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  • Feast Your Senses: Travel

    Feast Your Senses. Travel. Smell the flower markets of Asia, the forests of Poland. Flower Market, Bangkok, Thailand Taste the grapes of the centuries on Crete. Vineyards on Crete, Greece Feel the water in the Gulf of Finland Lapping the shores of Russia. Looking out at the Gulf of Finland from Peterhof, Russia Listen to […]

  • Whisky, Falcons, Palaces and Country Houses

    Good Morning, The Lanesborough Hotel Familiar destinations often hold the most promise for new discoveries.  You have seen the highlights, leaving you the luxury of time to wander, explore and just sit and sip whisky for hours.   My recent trip to Great Britain is a perfect example. Summary sound bite: (See below for details) 1. Fly […]

  • Cruising the Seine River

    Viking Cruises introduced their first ocean-going ship last year, the Viking Star. I was privileged to sail on her from Lisbon to London including a short cruise up the Seine River in France.  Nothing compares with sitting on your balcony, sipping wine, watching small french villages go about their daily routines.  Look closely at this short video […]

  • Cruising to Borneo, Brunei and Bangkok

    Silversea Cruise lines ranks as one of the top luxury cruise lines in the world. I agree. Check out my video for a snapshot of this expedition: I have cruised with Silversea in the Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf and most recently in the South China Sea. While the ship I was on, the Silver Shadow, […]

  • Finding “Miss Saigon” in Ho Chi Minh City Today

    Miss Saigon is returning to Broadway next spring.  The revival of this classic musical about the Vietnam War is refreshed and always touching, and has been a major hit in London.  Visiting Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) last week, I met two of the lead personalities, or at least their 2016 incarnation,  “The Engineer” […]

  • Borneo: Conversations About Ecotourism and Headhunting in Sabah

    My grandfather, William Wilson Porter, visited Borneo before I was born. He sent my brothers a shrunken head. My father took it to the hospital to determine if it as real. It was. My mother threw it away. Childhood memories had sparked my interest, but my mission on a recent visit was to learn about […]

  • Where to Travel Next?

    Article from Huffington Post. Original article can be found here. This post was co-authored with Ignacio Maza, Executive Vice-President for Signature Travel Network. Where do two of the travel industry’s most experienced, picky, passionate and peripatetic travelers want to travel in 2016? Combined, we have been to just about every corner of the globe (several […]

  • Holidays at the White House

    House Museums present history and the lives of their inhabitants in time capsules. No house museum in the world does this better than The White House in Washington, D.C.  Home to the Presidents of the U.S. since 1800 when President John Adams and his wife moved in, the rooms of this iconic mansion hold treasures […]

  • An Imperial Journey: Moscow to St. Petersburg

    The trip I want to repeat…again and again. Join me next summer?  Here is a short video of some of the sites and treasures I discovered when cruising the waterways from Moscow to St. Petersburg this year.  Thank you Viking River Cruises.  Well done. (Be sure and click HD on settings!) What sites can you recognize?  Look for […]

  • Where Are You Traveling in 2016?

    Why “should” you travel now? Because it is your world to explore and there is too much to see to wait! Where are you going next? 2016 travels will take me around the world…several times. Castles, deserts, wine, orangutans, sharks, caviar, Bedouin feasts and more wine. Stories coming. ‪#‎TravelWriter‬

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